7 Ways to Use a Custom URL Shortener for Your Business

Published on October 28, 2022

7 Ways to Use a Custom URL Shortener for Your Business

Custom URL shorteners are essential tools for businesses that want to keep their links short, memorable, and easy to share on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

But there are plenty of other ways to put this time-saving tool to work in your business.

To learn about some of the most effective ways custom URL shorteners can help your marketing efforts, check out the following list of uses and tips from veteran entrepreneurs who have been using custom URL shorteners successfully in their own businesses.

Here are 7 ways that you can use custom URL shorteners for your business or organization:


1) A custom URL shortener makes sharing easier

If you’re trying to spread your brand, products, or services beyond social media, having an easy-to-remember URL is essential.

A custom URL shortener will make sharing easier for users as well. Even if you have nothing in particular that you need help with, using a custom URL shortener will come in handy at some point—which is why it’s worth investing time upfront into creating one. 

You can use a custom URL shortener on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It also makes sense to create a custom link for every campaign you run so that you can track metrics like impressions and clicks much more easily than relying on generic links shared through social media.


2) A custom URL shortener simplifies your brand

People tend to see brand extensions, like email addresses and custom URL shorteners, as an extension of your brand.

A URL is something they’ll associate with you, so if they come across your URL in unexpected places—like links shared by friends on Facebook or Twitter—they will feel more familiar with your brand.

That familiarity helps you build trust and credibility with customers.

Custom URLs are easy to remember: It may seem like it doesn’t matter whether people remember how to get back to your site (because you can just tell them), but studies show that most people remember their favorite brands' custom URLs—and use them in conversation when talking about brands.

So don’t take shortcuts; make sure your URL is easy-to-remember!

A custom URL shortener is an opportunity to build your brand on social media channels. When someone sees that you’re using a custom URL on Twitter, they’ll probably click through just because they are curious.

Whether they end up engaging with your content or not, that curiosity will be associated with your brand in their mind—which means it will build trust and credibility with potential customers.

It can add personality: Custom URLs give you room to inject some personality into your brand.


3) No need to register another domain name

Many small businesses rely on social media marketing and using a custom URL shortener is an excellent way to take advantage of your domain name.

If you don't have one, create one and use it as your custom URL shortener. It will help keep customers coming back to your website, not just your social media sites.

And it’s easy to set up: Just pick an online site such as THE-LINK.ME, create an account and set up your short URLs with that service provider.

Then change all of your tweets, Facebook posts or YouTube videos so they link directly back to relevant pages on your website rather than pointing people off-site.

One option is to use your current domain name as your custom URL shortener.

You can point all of your social media posts directly back at relevant content on your website instead of letting those links direct people off-site.


4) A custom URL shortener is free!

Many companies charge between $5 and $29 per month in order to shorten their web links.

Since creating your own custom URL shortener takes very little time, there’s no reason not to use one.

Not only will it save you money, but it also serves as an excellent marketing tool. Make sure that you include your shortened link on all of your marketing materials and business cards!

A custom URL shortener is also ideal for use in your email signature, on your website and on social media. The best thing about using it as an online marketing tool is that you’ll always be able to use it!

If another company starts charging you fees, you can create another custom URL shortener in just a few minutes.


5) You can create landing pages with your own branding

One of the best things about using a custom URL shortener is that you can also use it to create landing pages.

If you’re running any kind of promotion or contest where visitors are supposed to share information, links and so on, it’s important that they not just direct them somewhere else, but instead lead them back to your own site where you can track what people are doing and monitor your business activity.

You can also design these pages with your branding in mind; by having all of your pages link back to one, you can make sure that everything looks cohesive and branded correctly.

You can also use custom URL shorteners to create landing pages with your branding. There are two main benefits of creating your own landing pages:

  1. It allows you to provide users with an easy way to get back in touch with you after they share information.
  2. It allows you to ensure that everything is branded correctly and looks like part of your business brand.


6) Share on social media easily

Want your links to stay intact and shareable?

Then you'll want a custom short link. That's because these unique links allow you to share pages on social media in one click, without needing go through additional steps.

In addition, no one else can grab that link and post it elsewhere—the only time your followers will ever see it is when you've shared it with them.

A custom URL shortener allows you to take control of your links as well as maximize their effectiveness, which is why they're so great for businesses.


7) Capture Emails Easily

Do you have an opt-in offer that requires people to put in their email address before they can get it?

It’s time-consuming and annoying for your readers if they have to cut and paste it into a form (and even more so if it’s long).

The solution: Create a custom URL shortener. Using THE-LINK.ME, create a shortened link of your landing page that sends people straight there—and then collect those leads with an automated email system when they visit that page.

This is an easy way to create trust with potential customers by providing them with some information before asking them for anything. Plus, visitors who take action are usually much more likely to convert anyway.


There are many ways custom URL shorteners can improve your business. They are incredibly easy to set up, mobile-friendly, easy to remember and free.

These benefits don’t stop there: you can use them in your social media marketing campaigns, track your links and even receive analytics about your campaign.

If you aren’t already using custom URL shorteners for your business then you should definitely start thinking about how they can benefit you!

Once you do, we’re sure it won’t be long before these clever little numbers start making a positive impact on your business.

Feel free and start with THE-LINK.ME.

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