Digital Marketing

Published on October 28, 2022

Digital Marketing!

Do you know that 89% of Americans go online daily? while 31% of them constantly remain online. The internet has made the world a global village. Besides physical business most of the businesses are online. And they are earning enough profit by selling their products and services online. While in our previous article we discussed marketing and different marketing tools in detail. So now it’s time to discuss digital marketing. After reading this blog you will be able to know more about digital marketing and different types of digital marketing.


What is digital marketing?

Promoting a business over the internet to reach potential customers is called digital marketing. Digital marketing uses the internet to establish digital communication among consumers and businesses. Digital marketing could involve the use of social media websites and apps as well as websites and email services.  In short, we define it as any marketing effort that uses an electronic device or internet is called digital marketing.

Different types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing makes use of a diverse set of tools and strategies. For example, SEO, Affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, native advertising, and content marketing.   Let’s have a short description of each type.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is not quiet easy to rank your website on search engines. But once you did it. You can achieve multiple benefits. If you are not much familiar with the ranking of the website. Let me assure you that when some type a keyword in search engine and your website is the one to be on top with the required information. You can rank your website or service on different search engines by following specific white hat SEO techniques. This means that if you follow the rules and regulations according to the search engine your website will get consequently, more traffic and customers will visit your website. These customers can become your future leads. The whole process can be done through SEO. Which makes web pages so attractive that can be attracted by search engines. So the first tool through which you can get more traffic is Search engine optimization of SEO. For this purpose, you will need quality of content, a number of inbound and outbound links, and a specific figure of keyword density.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Different types of social media channels are in use nowadays. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube. Everyone uses social media no matter his age. Moreover, social media has become an important part of daily life. Therefore, promoting products and services using social media has a great impact. And Organizations get a heavy amount of profit using Social media marketing. According to research done, there is 96% business to consumer marketers. While the increase of 61 % was recorded during this year for the business-to-business marketers. Using of social media marketing techniques includes built-in metrics, that can help the organization to reach their target customers. Some people have objections over social media marketing that people don't spend money right away. However, it is true that people don't spend money for the time being. But organizations want to keep them engaged for their upcoming products and services.


Pay Per Click Marketing

We also call it PPC. In this type of digital marketing when an ad is posted on someone's website or any other platform. It will pay you accordingly when someone clicks on the ad. For this purpose, you will need to have proper info regarding ad quality, landing page quality, Keyword relevance, and amount of bid. When someone clicks on the ad, the next step is to complete the process after clicking an ad, we refer to it as conversion. We further divide conversions into transactional and non-transactional conversions. It does not matter who click or not. You can create enough engagement by using pay-per-click marketing tools.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is believed to be  one of the easiest  ways to use  digital marketing. In this type of marketing, businesses send a simple promotional email to their clients. However, one thing is weird. You will need to have a completely accurate email address for performing email marketing. Similarly, you will have to summarize your content into one line i.e. Subject line. Besides offering the receiver a clear unsubscribe button. This type of marketing technique is simple but has a strong conversion rate. According to the survey, the conversion rate for email marketing is 89%.

We discussed some of the digital marketing tools that are common in use. Besides this, there are other methods like content marketing, Marketing automation, Native advertising, Affiliate marketing, etc. , which will be discussed in the next article. Next, we need to discuss some benefits of digital marketing.


This type of marketing has no boundary. Everyone on the internet can reach to ad from any part of the world, only if he has access to the internet. Traditional marketing can cost you more for a limited number of viewers. While the digital market is not geographically bounded. And can reach millions of people around the world at a low cost. The conversion rates are higher than ordinary marketing tools. You can get more accurate data using the digital mode of marketing. It ensures growth, makes new customers, and increases the profit of the organization.

Digital Marketing tools.

Uptil now we have explored  different digital marketing types. Now we will include a short intro about different tools that we can use for digital marketing.  Some of them are listed below.

Google Analytics: A free tool that can be used to get data of insight, that who is visiting your website or any other online platform. And how they are engaged with it.

Mail Chimp: If you want to use email marketing. Mail Chimp  is considered as one the most effective and useful tools for digital marketing. You can capture email, schedule, and send email automatically as well as manage your mailing list using Mail chimp.

Hootsuite: It can be used to easily manage all of you business social media accounts. Are you worried about managing the social media accounts of your business.

KW Finder: If you are using SEO as your digital marketing tool. You will need a KW finder to get relevant keywords that can rank on search engines.

Besides the above-mentioned tools, there are a lot of other tools like Hubspot, Canva, Ahref, slack and Yoast, etc.


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