How to Brand Your Instagram Bio Link

Published on October 28, 2022

Instagram allows users to share links with their followers just by posting them to their Instagram bio. Instagram bios are to be found right underneath user’s usernames. As an Instagram user, you are able to provide a short description of your business, interests, information, etc. in less than 150 characters. In addition, you may add links and hashtags to your Instagram bio. In general, people look at your instagram bio when deciding whether to follow you on Instagram-so make it count.  

What should you Instagram bio include?

- Provide a short summary about your business and interests.

- Provide your followers alternative method of reaching you.

- Show you followers a vibrant representation of your own brand.

- Show the differences between you and your competitors.

- Include what makes your brand special.


How to brand your Instagram bio?

- Choose a high-quality profile photo that reflects the spirit of your brand and matches the style of the rest of your accounts on other websites.

- Make sure to brand your username as well. Use the name of your of business as a username. In case the name of your business is not available, make sure to include

   the first part of your username includes the name of your business. Consequently, it would be easier for your customers and followers to find you on Instagram.

-Describe your business and show your special brand.

- Include call-to-action buttons to enable customers to reach you through other social media and e-mail platforms. Thus, it would be easy for them to call, send text, or email you.


By using Instagram bio link, you can easily get your followers to visit any page or website. For example, you can share your official website link or promote your products. Since Instagram only allows use one link to your bio, the provides you with a chance to include all your social media links in one landing page. Thus, you could post the landing page’s link to your Instagram bio.


How to create an Instagram bio link?

- Log in to your account

- Go to the dashboard.

- Select profile builder from the drop-down menu.

- Design your landing page.

- Add your links in the designated slots.

- Your link will be ready to used in your Instagram.


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