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Published on October 28, 2022

Do you wish to attract more audience to your business? Landing page builders can help you. Many of us do not know about landing pages. In this article, we will brief you about landing pages, and how you can grow your audience using it. Once you understand the function, you can use our landing page builder tool to get more traffic and audience for your business. So let's start with a definition.


Definition of landing page

Well, a landing page is defined as a single page created by the marketing or sales team to attract customers to their product or service. The basic function of a landing page is to gain the attention of people for a specific product. On the backend, the page connects either with social media content or any other type of email campaign. And it consists of a call to action or farm, that converts any visitor into a customer.

the can easily provide you with an efficient tool to create landing pages that are tailored specially for your own business. If you are interested, you can click here to contact our development team for proper guidance.


Properties of the best landing page builder

As landing pages help to convert visitors to leads. You can promote your products like white papers, eBooks, Discounts, and offers via landing pages. Therefore, the best landing page builder must have the following properties. 


Ease of Use: Creating and designing landing page is a smooth process.  Therefore, always go for a landing page builder that offers you a relatively simple and smart creation process. Thus, you will be able to use the chosen builder without facing any issues.


Customization: Another important factor worth considering is customization, which allows you to use diverse customization choices. It is important that the landing page you are creating match with your brand. Similarly, you can customize images, content, Colours, and fonts. Additionally, you also have the option to change it accordingly whenever you want.


Analytics: the next factor you must keep in your mind is choosing the right landing page builder that offers you a Built-in Analytics option. If a software offers you built-in analytics, you will easily be able to track data. Based on the data, you can decide what to do in your next campaign and it is another way to the success of your business. If the software doesn't offer this facility, you can go for the next one. So make sure that a builder has these types of tools available for creating a landing page.


Social Media and Email Integration: Another important factor to keep in mind is social media integration with your landing page as well as email integration. Please keep in mind that at any channel at which your campaign is active a good builder can simply incorporate it in a good landing page. Similarly, it also supports and integrates third-party marketing tools.


Optimization: Another important factor that you must take into consideration for choosing a landing page builder is optimization. It means that your landing page is optimized for a higher conversion rate. i.e. Your visitor becomes your customer by visiting your landing page.


Price: Another important tip about the builder is Price. Therefore, always choose a builder website that offers you the best price and you get more at less price. However, keep one thing in mind, that with the increase in the price you will get high-quality service. So don't take it seriously if you are not getting relevant pricing. Because websites charge you for the quality, not quantity.


Top Landing page builder tools

If you are looking for the best builder tools, we are here to help you out. We have collected data after extensive research. During our research, we have kept the above-mentioned criteria. i.e. Ease of use, Customization, Analytics, Social media, and email integration and optimization. And we hope that you will find this blog useful in the selection of the best websites that offer this facility. So stay with us. Here we go.



Based on our research it is one of the most famous landing page creation tools. You can build as well as test all types of landing pages, Websites sticky bars, and popups with this tool. If you need a fast turnaround regarding your landing page, Unbounce is the best selection. It is the pioneer of the mentioned category. And you can get a lot of services like capturing emails, performing marketing campaigns, and coming soon type pages' creation. The easy user interface and drag and drop editor make it more favourable among other tools. Further, there are more than one hundred box templates, WordPress integration, and other more features. While the price plane is $80 per month. You can get further details by visiting the official website.



 Leadpages is another landing page creation tool. It is trusted by more than 40000 small businesses. It fulfils all your marketing needs by creating stunning campaigns and help you to convert visitors into valuable leads. You can integrate your Facebook as well as Shopify account using leadpages. The software has more than 160 plus templates, and you can easily perform drag and drop as well as move content. You can create and design a page with already installed plugins. If you are worried about mobile browsing, it offers you mobile responsive landing pages. Talking about the price. The monthly price ranges from $29 to $239 per month based on different packages. While you can start with 14 days’ free trial. To know more about leadpages visit the official website.



 It is another top-rated landing page builder software. You can get guaranteed conversion using instapage. The website has more than two hundred templates. Through which you can create top-quality, high-rated, mobile responsive landing pages. The simple drag and drop facility makes it a more powerful and useful tool. The maximum setting time is two minutes and you can perform the whole process without hiring a developer. Due to the user-friendly editor, you can get a higher conversion rate for your marketing needs. You can install friendly plugins and get analytics as per your requirements when you need them. The facility of AB testing, heat maps, and adding custom code to pages make it more valuable than other landing page builders. To know more you can visit the official website of Instapage.

In this article, we discussed only three types of software. There are many other types and you can get more details by visiting our website.


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