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Published on October 28, 2022

On YouTube, people spend unlimited hours of watching videos every single day. YouTube, as a search engine, comes second in rank to Google. From a marketing point of view, consumers are more likely to interact with video content. Using links on YouTube is surely an effective marketing strategy.

How to use links on YouTube?

There are several methods of sharing your links on YouTube; you could add it to the description section right beneath your video, you could post to the channel page, you could also post it to the comments section below the video, and you could add your links to your videos.

Posting your links to a YouTube video’s description box.

YouTubers always urge their viewers to check the description videos for the links they had posted. Why do you think that almost all You-tubers and content creators tend to ask their viewers and fans to click on the links they had already shared in the description box? These links are most likely used in affiliate marketing, sponsored offers, or other social media accounts. Thus, You-Tubers and content creators take the advantage of having a huge number of followers and viewers by directly and indirectly promoting certain products. Consequently, they could make loads of profit. Moreover, one way to monetize your work is to post your links to the description box beneath your video. Then, the revenue you earn from the videos you create will definitely increase.


How to get the best of You-Tube description box?


  • Don’t post too many links in the description box.

Using too many links in the description box could confuse the viewers. Make sure to post only the most important links in the description box. While posting too many links in the description box might make you think that you are going to receive more profit, it makes less likely for viewers to click on them. In addition, it is much better to use a standardized format for your description box. Thus, it would be so easy for your viewers to whatever links you post to the description box.

  • Prioritize your most valuable links

Due to the fact that most viewers do not click “show more” to go through the rest of the content in your description box. It is crucial for you, as a YouTuber or a content creator, to prioritize your most important and valuable links by making sure that these links are going to be the first thing viewers see when they look at your description box. Consequently, you will get more clicks and your revenue will maximize.

  • Shorten your affiliate links before posting them to YouTube description box

One method of making sure that your viewers will interact with the affiliate links you post is by branding and shortening your affiliate links. Using long and ugly links will not only distract the viewers, but also will limit of the remaining characters in the description box.


THE-LINK.ME offers you a great opportunity to shorten, brand, and track your affiliate links. It also allows you to create bio-pages in which you could easily include several social media links in only one single page that is easily accessed through one short link.




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