How to use our QR code generator free?

Published on October 28, 2022

How to use our QR code generator for free?

THE-LINK.ME is pleased to announce a brand-new QR-code generator free that will enable all customers to transform their offline experiences to online ones.


Why do we use QR code?

1. QR code can be used as a 'CALL-TO-ACTION'

A QR code can be easily linked to a trailer, a commentary, an instructional video or other media as a call-to-action. Or how about a screen that lets people scan it and instantly email or call you?

The QR code can also be linked to your landing page with a form that is filled out by the customer (lead generation for you) when the code is scanned. This can be used to introduce a new brand or promote a promotional offer.

2. QR code is purely hygienic (Go Touchless)

Contactless commerce is becoming more mainstream now as people realize that health is more important than convenience. Going touchless will allow us to consistently reduce the spread of disease, infections, and even death.

3. QR code are simply accessible.

In fact, 91% of iOS devices and almost as many Android devices have QR code scanners built-in. As more and more older devices 

are discarded, that number is only going to grow. Most people carry QR code scanners in their pockets.

There are many smartphones available, and almost all of us use those to search for local businesses. A QR code makes it easier to search for local businesses. If you use yours strategically, it will fit right in with this behavior pattern and be of benefit.

4. QR code is engaging.

There are a variety of possibilities for QR code, not just more content, but better content. A URL can include audio and video content. Alternatively, it can display interactive content like surveys, review requests, social media accounts, and comment sections.

5. Easy to use.

In contrast to linear barcode scanners, QR code are scanned with 2D optical scanners such as our smartphones. As a result, our smartphones are so easy to use as QR code scanners.

6. QR code Contributing to SMO and search engine marketing .

Jeff Korhan, a well-known social media examiner, has defined at an occasion that QR code boom your social media and seek engine optimisation. They are powerful in producing an excessive extent of visitors in your internet site because of greater sharing.

7. By using QR code, you can rack our marketing campaigns.

QR code can also be used to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Develop a specific QR code for each marketing campaign, and then compare its performance with other channels.

8. QR code contain more data.

QR code can hold hundreds of times more encrypted characters than barcodes because of their square shape. Consumers can access valuable information, such as web addresses and contact information, with this large storage capability.

9. Environmental friendly

Technology such as QR code is beneficial to the environment. The use of QR code in place of paper is a great way to save trees because businesses are using them to replace paper. In the future, all-in-one dynamic QR code will replace bulky paperwork in products.


How to use our QR code generator free?

1. Copy the link.

2. Shorten the link using THE-LINK.ME.

3. the QR code will be generated automatically.

4. Save the QR code or share it wherever you want.


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