Short Links: 10 Benefits to Make You Take the Plunge

Published on October 28, 2022


How many times have you wanted to share a link with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or via email?

Chances are high that you’ve been in this situation multiple times.

If so, you’re certainly not alone!

When sharing links, the longer they are the more difficult it can be to type them out and share them in your social networks or emails; especially if you don’t remember exactly where the link directs to!


1) Link shortening services are free

By using a link shortening service like THE-LINK.ME, you can quickly create a short link for your content and embed it in your website or email—all for free. If you’re looking to increase engagement on your site, services like THE-LINK.ME are one of many ways that you can do so.

Short links are easy to remember and share, which means they can help drive traffic back to your site. And because link shorteners make use of 301 redirects, you don’t have to worry about any broken links when users click on them.


2) Link shortening services are fast

Since shortening services compress links, you don’t have to wait for long-winded URLs to load before you can click through. Use link shorteners on your Web site, in emails, and anywhere else you share links with others.

Not only will they appreciate how quickly they load, but their engines also save memory space and speed up page loading times. Shortened links also take up less space in your social media updates and tweets, saving characters that would otherwise be used by a longer URL.

This means you can use them to create hyperlinks between pages of your website or as hyperlinks within tweets or other social media updates.


3) Link shortening services are safe

Link shortening services give you a short link that can be used on social media sites but is still completely functional for your website or email. That means there are no risks of malware, viruses, or security issues; these services ensure that your links remain secure.

Link shorteners also hide what URL you’re linking from, meaning if someone gets a hold of one of your shortened links, they won’t be able to access any other content on your site.

Link shorteners are also free and easy to use; in fact, some websites will generate short links for you. However, if you want more control over how your link looks or operates, it’s possible to make your own custom URL shortener.

This does mean that there are slightly more technical requirements, but you’ll have a link that works exactly how you want it to.


4) Link shortening services protect your links from being hacked or leaked

Short links are popular for a reason—they’re easy to remember, easy to share and direct readers quickly and efficiently. By shortening your links through one of these services, you can ensure that people can’t take advantage of them if they fall into the wrong hands.

Link shortening services also protect your links from being shared on places like Reddit or other link aggregators where spammy keywords could be attached.

This means you can keep your links private, even if they’re revealed. They also remove your personal brand from them, making it less likely for people to start sharing them for no reason.

It’s also harder for hackers or spammers to manipulate links once they’ve been shortened. This is especially true of Twitter, which counts link shortening as part of its anti-spam policy.


5) Link shortening can improve page speed

Shortening links reduces page load time and improves site speed, which is especially important for mobile sites.

Shorter links are less prone to link rot as well, meaning you don’t have to worry about broken or outdated links from past content. Link shortening also provides a built-in solution for tracking link popularity and visibility via analytics tools—see how many clicks a particular short link received over time.

Link shortening can be integrated into your CMS or even work as a stand-alone tool, making it easy to manage links on multiple sites.

It’s also possible to track analytics using link shortening tools, and you don’t have to maintain duplicate content—the shortened URL redirects visitors either back to your site or another location entirely.

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6) Link shortening does not have an age limit

Short links are great for everyone, from established businesses, new start-ups, and bloggers to everyday individuals with a huge social media following.

In fact, short links are more popular than ever before as people in every demographic recognize their convenience and ease of use.

Therefore, link shortening doesn’t have an age limit – any user who wants their long URLs to cut down can benefit from using them.


7) Link shortening makes for easy sharing on social media, forums, and more

link shortening sites can make it easier for people to share your content—no need for them to copy and paste a long URL.

Short links also make it easier on us since they’re often no more than three or four characters in length—making them easier to remember and faster (and less tedious) for us to type out. Some even provide analytics, making link shortening tools even more beneficial.


8) Link shortening improves search engine rankings, especially on mobile devices.

When you link to long web addresses, your readers will have a hard time tapping them on mobile devices.

If you use short links with your own domain name, however, readers can tap these links from their smartphone without any problem at all. That makes it easier for them to find and follow your content—which is what every blogger should want! (Here’s how easy it is) Link shortening also benefits search engine rankings.


9) Any link you share with a shortened URL is clickable by anyone even if they don’t have the app installed.

When you share a long link, your audience must remember and type out that long URL. But when you use a short link, your audience can just click on it from their browser and be taken straight to it.

This could lead to fewer people forgetting about or losing interest in what you’re sharing. Note that if you want them to see your page as intended—with creative banners, ads, etc.—it’s best not to use an address shorter than six characters.

When using longer URLs (say 15 characters or more), don’t forget that some apps will tack on an unclickable string of numbers at the end of your link for tracking purposes; if so, remove those last few digits before shortening.


10) The majority of people think shorter URLs look cooler!

Regardless of how you feel about short links or their aesthetics, they have several benefits. Studies have shown that shorter links get more clicks and even rank higher in search engines.

The former is useful for driving traffic and increasing link popularity, while the latter can help your page rank higher in search results—good news for SEO enthusiasts! To find out more about short links and why they’re superior in many respects.



Short links are a great way to save time and avoid cumbersome URLs in your social media posts. Link shortening services, such as THE-LINK.ME, make it easy and fast for you—and your fans—to create short links that redirect visitors directly to your content.

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