What does URL Shortener Mean?

Published on October 28, 2022

Do you want to create engaging social media or any other type of posts, that divert traffic to your website? You can use the URL Shortener tool to resize your post link. Because long and complex links can be irritating and not getting any engagements, while a short link to your post can have forfeiting clicks, shares, and engagement more easily as compared to long links. In this article, we will discuss URL Shortener its working principles, its benefits, and how it could increase sales. So, let us start with a definition.


Define a URL shortener.

To move forward, let us define URL. It stands for Uniform Resource Locator. We also call it web address or link, which directs you to a specific page available on the internet. The link consists of specific characters having specific values assigned at the backend. The length of the link may vary. The URL shortening tool is a tool that converts a full-size web link into a short form.


Why people shorten URLs?

It is a common question, that many people ask, that why we need a short URL? Well, so let me answer this question. In the past when Twitter limited the number of characters to 140 characters, then it was not possible to post a complete message with original size web link. While now you can post up to 280 characters on Twitter and a short type URL of twenty-three characters. Hence, it saves you a lot of characters. Another main reason behind the short URL is that when organizations do not want that people know the original website link, they use a Short URL, where they can change the original link into a combination of characters. Consequently, people don’t know about the original link. Thus, it can secure your organization's website link.


Working Principle of a Short URL.

Short URL works on the principle of Redirect function. Which is a web function that will redirect the existing short URL to the old URL i.e. long URL.A web browser sends an HTTP command when someone types a URL in web browser. After this the webserver redirects him/ her to the requested webpage. There are different types of redirect HTTP response codes that a server can return/ Some of them are given as below.

301: If you see this type of response. It means that a permanent redirect status. Which indicates that resource has been moved to another address permanently.

302: It is used for the temporary redirect return status

303:  It is commonly used to see other status. "See Other" status means that the resource has been replaced.


How could short URLs increase sales?

There are different ways through which URL shortener tool increase your business. You can get multiple benefits using Short URL tools. If you look at we are offering three different types plans on our website. Now we will discuss different ways through which you can increase your sales by using a short URL.

  • Increasing SEO

Not all, but some of the links are very lengthy and wordy, which may cause a problem for SEO. A URL shortener tool can help you to reduce the size and increase SEO. And it can rank on search engines like Google etc.. Once you get SEO ranking, you can get organic engagments and increase your sales. Similarly, using our website you could easily get comprehensive data in the form of live clicks. Also, you can get data and click from multiple geographic locations. And you can track the number of clicks, Geographic locations, and even time and date with a short URL Which helps companies and organizations to develop better products and produce more targeted content.


  • Social Media engagement

URL Shortener is quite impressive in social media. As discussed earlier that Twitter allows a limited number of characters. A short URL So data accumulated using a short URL can get more attention and easy to use. While sharing the links on social media platforms can rank your domain and get more audience. In short, it promotes sharing and you get more traffic.

  • Professionalism

URL shortener tool increases professionalism because long and lengthy links are sloppy. Similarly, it is not suitable for people who like short and clean Links. So your contents always show your original face, so always try to face people in a professional way.

  • Convenience

Short URLs are more convenient to use in different fields. It will need you in the situation where you’re promoting your website or any other online platform. 

While your audience do not click on your link physically. Similarly, when you are sharing a link directly with prospective customers or you are giving a PowerPoint presentation. Then, it will not be possible to include a lengthy link and you will need the URL Shortener tool to convert long links into short and attractive links.

  • Brand Recognition

Another important benefit that anyone can get of using a URL shortener is brand recognition. Using Customized brand links can promote your brand worldwide and increase brand visibility. It helps your regular and prospective clients to recognize your products instantly. If you don’t know about these techniques, you can simply check for the famous brand Amazon. Amazon uses Amzn.to as its branded link for their products. The use of customized URL shortening increases brand recognition.


Different Types of URL shortener websites

There are a lot of link shortening tools available on the internet, but some of them have got worldwide recognition. Our website can help you to track your audience with simple & easy-to-remember powerful links in order to get a unique and positive experience. Moreover, we are offering very affordable price plans. Even you can get a free trial and a lot of discounts on premium plans. To know more about our pricing plans, Product and service please visit our official website https://the-link.me/.  Some other popular URL Shortener websites are Snip.ly, Rebrandly, Bitly as well as  Google link shortener. 

Everyone has their own pros and cons. Therefore, we are here to offer you the best URL shortener website. And is just away from a single click https://the-link.me/.

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